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And ZEO uses the best. Period.
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The ZEO flavors are curated for adults that appreciate a little Zen moment with epicurean flavors. Our nicotine is of the highest, pharmaceutical grade quality and so are the rest of our ingredients. We look forward to your Moment of Zen.

We Promise You:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine,
  • A variety of delicious flavors,
  • A smooth puffing experience, with no burns or leaks,
  • The equivalent of 4 packs of cigarettes,
  • And one of the best vaping experiences you’ve ever had!

Why choose tobacco-free?

Like other chemical extraction methods, the chemicals that are used in the tobacco nicotine extraction process may leave traces of bitterness and a taste of the tobacco. Our pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is of the highest-grade purity and without flavor and therefore mixes with our American made high-quality food grade flavors beautifully.

The tobacco-free nicotine status also allows us to offer a variety of flavors, that are currently not available with nicotine extracted from tobacco.

What does pharmaceutical-grade mean?

Pharmaceutical-grade means that our nicotine has gone through rigorous purification and is the same nicotine used by pharmaceutical companies.

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ZEO S-Nicotine is Flavorless & Powerful

Nicotine falls into two categories, tobacco-derived and tobacco-free. Up until recently, nicotine derived from sources other than tobacco has been too costly to produce commercially, but advancements in science have since changed that.

Non-tobacco nicotine also has two categories, S-Nicotine and R-Nicotine, both pharmaceutical grade.
S-Nicotine is identical in molecular structure to tobacco-derived nicotine. R is similar, and while far cheaper to produce, it provides a noticeable, degraded smoking experience.

ZEO S-Nicotine is an exact molecular match to tobacco-derived nicotine, but superior!

The difference lies in the processing and the flavor. Tobacco is processed with certain chemicals that leave behind a harsh and somewhat bitter flavor, which leads to a degraded vaping experience.

ZEO Refuses to Compromise on Quality. We use S-Nicotine only.

Most other tobacco-free disposable vape products contain R+S Nicotine which causes a noticeable, inferior experience. To successfully mimic the nicotine punch of the tobacco derived nicotine, the molecule needs to be S-only. To fully isolate the S isomer, removing all traces of the R isomer from the nicotine is a difficult, time-intensive, expensive process, but we at ZEO believe it is worth the cost. ZEO S-Nicotine is pure, with no harsh taste left over from processing chemicals. Only ZEO can offer S isomer, tobacco-free nicotine. It is made in the USA and its quality is second to none.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

ZEO is leading the way – away from smoking, with its premium non-tobacco nicotine products for adults.
While one billion people on Earth get their nicotine from smoking cigarettes, ZEO is on a mission to replace cigarettes with non-combustible nicotine alternatives.


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