5 ZEO vape flavors that go amazingly well with coffee

Coffee and cigarettes are such an iconic combination, it seems like it has been around forever. We have seen it in old black and white movies, feeling nostalgic for times gone by, songs have been written and sung about this classic combination. There is even a movie with both coffee and cigarettes in the title. There is just something about experiencing both at the same time. Today, vape nicotine is slowly overtaking cigarettes as a favorite smoke experience, and for us, ZEO easily tops the list of the best tasting vape.

So which ZEO vape flavor is our favorite to go with the coffee? That is a difficult call, and like most things in life, of course, it depends. There are so many different times each day for coffee, we feel that each does best with a different flavor of ZEO.

If we are talking about our morning coffee, that first cup you brew to help you start the day, for us the clear choice is ZEO Berry Mix. Like that delicious bowl of fresh berries that we love to have with our breakfast, it is just the right mix of fruity and tart. A perfect flavor to get us going.

Then there is that cup of coffee or two that you have sitting with friends at an outdoor café or at your kitchen table, having a good gossip or a lively discussion solving all the world’s problems. You know those times that you spend with good company and good food? For those times we really love having ZEO Mango or ZEO Peach. Those flavors are sweet, summary, and a bit exotic. They taste like dessert and are satisfying like a good pastry at the end of a good meal.

What about that last coffee of the day, right before bed? You may choose to make it decaf coffee to guarantee a good night’s sleep, but don’t forget your ZEO with that last cup. Some people told us that their favorite at night is the clean taste of ZEO Mint, but we personally prefer the Velvet Tobacco flavor, as it is smooth and like its name, velvety. We find it to be the best flavor to end our day.

ZEO tobacco-free nicotine offers other truly delicious flavors: Strawberry Banana, Sweet Apple, Grape and Grape Ice, Lemon Tart, Pineapple Ice, and Cool Watermelon. Many of these flavors will go great with coffee or any other drink of your choice. What is your favorite flavor to go with your coffee? How about your favorite ZEO to go with your beer and pizza? We have tried so many ZEO flavors and we haven’t been disappointed yet.

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